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LAVRY ENGINEERING located in Kingston, Washington, was founded in 1993 as dB Technologies. The name was changed in 2002 to Lavry Engineering. Widely known simply as "Lavry", the company specializes in products designed to satisfy the growing demand for hi-res digital audio performance. Lavry's design philosophy is that any signal chain, electronics should ideally contribute no sonic colorations or other such distortions unless the distortions are an optional artistic decision (such as EQ or reverb). Transparency is a difficult challenge, but this company has excelled in making some of the "cleanest" most accurate sound on the market to date.

Lavry GOLD Savitr

10,320.00 €
SKU: Lavry AD 24-200

Lavry GOLD Quintessence

9,996.00 €
SKU: Lavry DA-N5