VT-7 Stereo Compressor


VT-7 Vacuum Tube Compression Amplifier

Ideal for tracking, mixing and mastering, the VT-7 features an all Class-A vacuum tube audio path, like all D.W. Fearn products. The gain reduction elements utilize circuitry that duplicates the sound and characteristics of the finest classic vacuum tube compressors, without depending on esoteric tubes that are no longer manufactured, while the control circuitry is modern solid-state analog.

Designed to deliver a highly transparent sound, the VT-7 can be used more aggressively if desired, with artifacts of the compression process substantially diminished when compared to most other compressors.

In use, the two channels may be used independently or linked for stereo, while a third position on the Link switch inserts a high-pass filter (HPF) in the side-chain to reduce the gain-reduction sensitivity of the VT-7 to low frequencies. This is a gentle roll-off, nominally at 100Hz, allowing a bass-heavy mix to have a better frequency balance and avoids heavy low-frequency audio from modulating the audio level.

Renowned for its ability to add a magical gloss to rock and pop mixes, the VT-7 is also transparent enough to add a touch of gain control to jazz and classical tracks with no obvious effects other than a significant improvement in the overall sound of the mix.
Controls for each channel include:

Common Controls for each channel include:
Separate/Link/Link HPF
The VU meters may be switched between indicating gain reduction or output level.

Specifications (@ no gain reduction, unity gain)
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
-3dB at 5Hz and 65kHz
THD: less than 0.07%
Signal to Noise Radio: better than 80dB
The VT-7 has also been optimized to eliminate the need for an internal fan. While the fans in D.W. Fearn equipment have always been extraordinarily quiet, research has shown that no fan at all is even quieter. 

Product Information: https://dwfearn.com/products/

Manufacturer: D. W. FEARN


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